Some of us in one way or another have engaged in emotional eating. Emotional eating happens anytime we eat to deal with a stressful situation or we eat to soothe emotions when hurt. We should become conscious when emotion eating is occurring so that we can be able to curb it. Here are the healthy ways to control with an emotional eating disorder caused by stress.


Meditation is the art of focusing on your breath and relaxing your body which results in the realizing the good feeling hormones in your brain. There are many different types of meditation so it may take you time in learning the best skills, and technique that can help you. Practicing and learning meditation every day can help you eliminate the impact of stressors in your life. Meditation will help you to quit eating to overcome stress.


There is no difference between meditation and visualization except that your mind in making healthy food choices that will help to enable you to become thinner. If you are obese or overweight due to a result of your eating habits, Visualization can be used to help in establishing a constant eating of a certain amount of food, so as to feel relaxed and it will enable you to slow down in eating if you visualize a thin body of yourself.


You can practice many different types of yoga that can help you. Yoga exercises are designed for comfort and relaxation so that you do not feel the urge to eat for comfort. Others are more involving with complicated poses and more strenuous that when combined with breathing and meditation serve to improve your well-being and relaxation.

Tai Chi

sfrxscfcfThis is an ancient Chinese form of martial arts that has been found by both the Chinese and the Westerners to be a great source of relaxation. It involves going through martial arts movements at a fluid and slow pace. This practice of Ta Chi will help you to burn calories, relax and give you a better balance and good posture. It can be practiced by people of any fitness level.

Triggers For Emotional Eating

It is also advisable to find out what are your emotional triggers for eating. Emotional states that drive you to overeat, and come up with a way to reduce their effects in your life. Example you need to surround yourself with people if loneliness drives you to want to eat unnecessarily.